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By Crusader1307

The Temalacatl was an Ancient Aztec Cultural practice, most associated with a similar belief among The Ancient Roman. The practice involved a Gladiatorial spectacle in which a Prisoner or volunteer Warrior, was tied to the center of a large circular stone platform. With His range of attack limited to the diameter of the stone, He would then ''fight'' another Warrior (sometimes even more than one). In some cases this Warrior was also tied to The Stone, in other not. The goal was to kill one or the other, who would be cut until His blood stained the very Stone Altar. When one was vanquished (killed), His heart was cut out and offered to the particular Gid for whom The Temalacatl was arranged for. In cases of Prisoners, it was seen as both a means of ridding the populace of the criminal (who would be made pure by His participation). In the case of a chosen Warrior, He would be emulated much as the God that was chosen for the ''honor''.