Talwar Sword

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By Crusader1307

A Middle Eastern weapon first seen in the 13th Century (and carrying through to the 15th Century).The Talwar was developed in Turkish-Mongol regions. Similar to the Shamshir Sword and The Kilji, the Talwar does not have as radical a curve to it's blade as other typical Middle Eastern weapons. Often known for it's velvet and wood casing (a common feature with Middle Eastern weapons). It would be the proto-type for the many cavalry sabres copied by many European Nations. They were also known for their elaborate handles and flattened pommels (which featured a small spike). Versions ranged from 38 to 42 inches in length and were single edged. They also incorporated a thin handguard (something unusual for most Middle Eastern weapons). They were favored by both infantry and cavalry units. They were seen in many Arabian and Turkish countries (many taken in battle).