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By Crusader1307

The ''Tage'' was a ''Hercule''-Class Ship of The French Navy, taking more than 20 years to complete (1847). She was renamed 3 times before being christened ''Tage''. Her first deployment was into The Crimean War, where she ran aground. She would be converted into a Steam Warship in 1857. Long serving with The French Navy, ''Targ'' would be converted into a Prison Ship in 1871. She was scrapped in 1896. The ''Targe'' in Her original sail design, displaced over 4,000-lbs. She was 215-feet long with a Beam of 55-ft. A 3 Master with a Full Rig Pattern, ''Targ'' supported 100 Guns of various Poundage. When converted into a Steam Ship, She could carry 180-lbs of coal. ''Targ'' supported 880 Officers and Men.