Sword of State

  • Swords And Knive
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By Crusader1307

As previously duscussed, Royalty have always been identified by two primary and iconic fixtures. These were their Crown and their Throne. They were followed by the ultimate component of Rule, The Sceptre. The use of a Sword or Blade was used to symbolize their defense of their Kingdom or Nation. These Blades were also used to conference Nobility (Knighthood). These Blades, as we have seen - would evolve into Bearing Swords and finally Swords of State. Swords of State were specially made and very elaborate blades. Great time was taken to fashion them. Although they were never intended for hand to hand combat or battlefield use, they were nonetheless manufactured the same way. Originally, these blades were 5 to and incredible 8-feet long! It would often be too difficult for a King or Queen to heft such a Sword. By the 15th Century, blades were drastically shorted to 40 to 50-inches of blade length. Now resembling a standard Small Sword, Scabbards and Handles were often sheathed in Silver and Gold. Precious jewels and fine wrought engravings were a must. So elaborate in some cases, that during The Middle Ages, many thought that a Kingdom or Nations "Spirit", was fused with a Sword of State. As time progressed, Swords of State were seen more a Governmental Symbol than a Royal one. Swords of State are still used in Government Ceremonial usage through the The World.