Sword of Generalissimo Santa Anna

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By Crusader1307

Commanding General of The Mexican Army (and Dictator of Mexico), Generalissimo Santa Anna led The Mexican Army against the defenders of The Alamo (1836) and subsequent battles of The Texas War of Independence. An ardent admirer of Napoleon I (France), he was known as "The Napoleon of The West". He styled his Army and equipment on The French Empire. Like many other famous Generals, he had many battle, Presentation and ceremonial blades. Many are in private collections or Museums. Still many are in doubt. The Alamo Museum in San Antonio, Texas has one blade said to have been used by him in battle. It is a standard French Cavalry saber of the 19th Century, roughly 40 inches long, slightly curved. It is single-edged. It features a brass Eagle head as a pommel (The Eagle being the symbol of Imperial Mexico). Other Imperial symbolism is featured on the brass scabbard was well.