Sword Bayonet

  • General History
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By Crusader1307

Envisioned around the 18th Century, The Sword Bayonet is any long, bayonet-knife weapon that was affixed to a rifle. With the “bayonet charge” still a viable form of infantry tactic, long bayonets were seen as an edge to hand-to-hand combat. 23 to 30 inches would be a standard length of “sword bayonet”. They could be carried in scabbards and wielded as a sword or stabbing knife if necessary. It was also not uncommon in early use to keep the Sword Bayonet attached to one's weapon permanently. This added an extra pound (or two) to the rifle and thus would effect accuracy of aim. Various style and type were tried (without too much success). Varieties of Sword Bayonets also featured notched or “teeth blades”, designed to inflict even more damage. With the advent of automatic weapons and Armor (Tank) warfare in the early 20th Century), the need for The Sword Bayonet as a practical battlefield weapon vanished.