Swagger Stick

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By Crusader1307

In truth, the iconic ''Swagger Stick'' was more a ''fashion component'' rather than garment - the ''Stick'' was seen as an essential piece of Military ''Turn Out'' (clothing) for British Officers, Non-Commissioned and later even Enlisted Men, especially when ''Off Duty''. Purchased privately (even given as gifts), these Sticks were mostly wooden and could range in length from 1.5 to 3-feet in length. Often highly decorated (embellished with Military or Unit symbolism), The Swagger (name given mostly to denote ''walking out'' in ''jaunty style''), actually had a more secretive function. With ''weapons'' mostly unauthorized for carry off-duty, many Sticks were used for ''basic'' self defense tools. Rattan or Coco Bolo Wood (Hard Woods) could serve well as Clubs or Cudgels. Some were even ''fashioned'' into Short Swords or Daggers.


Seen ''in vogue'' in The British Armed Forces around 1915 forward (especially in Foreign Deployment Service), The Swagger Stick would fall from usage after World War II - with one exception - The United States Marine Corps. The American Armed Force adopted The Sticks usage around World War I as well, and were (unusually) accepted for off-duty use. Mostly a component of Officer and Non-commissioned Officer ''apparel'', The Stick would last slightly longer (the mid-1960s).