Stede Bonnet

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Born around 1688 in Barbados (The Caribbean), he was sometimes referred to as “The Gentleman Pirate”. It was said that Captain Bonnet had been a rather well off land owner (his English family roots were supposedly landed Gentry). He also was said to have had some Militia service and was expected to marry into wealth as well. The exact reason for his turning to Piracy is unclear, but he did in 1717. Captain Bonnet brought his own ship, named The “Revenge”and even recruited a paid crew. He operated off the Eastern Coast of The American Colonies and off of his home in Barbados. After an ill-fated capture attempt of a prized ship, Bonnet's crew abandoned him for crewing with infamous Pirate Captain Blackbeard. Oddly, Blackbeard allowed Bonnet to stay with him on his ship (but did not offer him a command of one of his “Fleet” ships).


In 1718, Bonnet took his ship and new crew to the Coast of Carolina (after refusing a King's Pardon). There near the Cape Fear River, Bonnet and his crew fought Colonel William Rhett and a Carolina Milita. Although the two groups fought for several hours, eventually the Carolina Militia defeated and captured the Pirates. Bonnet managed to escape, but was recaptured several days later. Tried and convicted, he asked for clemency of Carolina's Governor (but was denied). Captain Bonnet was hung on December 18, 1718.