Stave Church

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

An architectural style of building with regards to Church construction in Norway – during The Middle Ages. The Stave Church is seen basically in rural back areas of Norway and other Icelandic Countries. Marvels of building, they are made of wood and thatch. Supported by wooden beams and using a “stacking” method, which was used to created steep roofing (characteristic of The Stave style). They are heavily ornamented with Portal windows. Often, local “legends” would be carved on the outside walls (another form of decoration). Some Stave Churches could be massive and an equal to a European Stone Church or Cathedral. Many lasted 400 to 500 years before removal. Some rural locations in the Region STILL use “The Stave Style” – including their exacting Medieval methods of construction.