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By Crusader1307

A short lived ''Rebellion'' or more appropriately ''succession'' – The Free state of Jefferson existed for only 10 months in 1941. The ''State'' developed from disgruntled Northern California Counties and Southern Oregon Counties, thoroughly disgruntled with their State Representatives in Washington DC. Total lack of address on issues such as high taxes and water rights, led to a record number of Citizens declaring a self-styled Republic known as The ''Free State of Jefferson''. Neither the ''official'' State Governments of California or Oregon saw them as a threat – let alone The Federal Government. Before any form of counter could be taken against the illegally formed ''State of Jefferson'', Pearl Harbor was attacked by Imperial Japanese Forces (Dec. 1941). With the Country whipped up into a ''War Fever'', the ''Jefferson State'' Movement quickly died out.


The ''State'' created it's own Flag for their Republic. The designers are unknown, but their Flag was flown over ''official Boundaries'' between California and Oregon, It was described as a Green Field in it's entirety. Centered, was a Yellow or Gold Circle, onto which was written (surmounting) ''THE GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF JEFFERSON''. In addition to, a series of (2) Black ''Xs'' were placed centered as well. To date, no one is quite sure of the true meaning of The ''X''s.


To date, Vehicle stickers and small gift flags and can still be purchased in the areas once designated The State of Jefferson. The story had made the Region somewhat of a tourist attraction.