St. Mary's Tower

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By Crusader1307

Constructed in 1618 in Comino, Malta – The Tower of Mary was constructed by The Military Order of St. John. Designed to protect the Town of Comino during The Ottoman Invasions of the 15th Century, it was a monumental task to construct. All stone had to be brought in from the Mainland. A large square structure, it featured 4 Defensive Turrets roughly 125 feet high. The walls of St. Mary's are about 12 feet thick. Originally part of 6 other Defensive Towers (no longer in existence), St. Mary's was part of this defensive line. Built reinforced to withstand artillery attacks (and to provide a gun platform as well). The Order built an attached Garrison building (capable of holding 60 men). In times of peace, the structure was used as an isolation Hospital. The 17th Century saw St. Mary's as a prison for Nobility. Many of these “Knightly” prisoners had to serve out their sentence as “Guards” for St. Mary's (spent in almost total isolation). During The French Blockade of Malta (1798-1800), St. Mary's was bombarded regularly (thus making one's “sentence” even worse!). Eventually possessed and garrisoned by The British Army until the early 19th Century, St. Mary's Tower fell back into Maltese control. The Tower saw service during both World Wars. With the exception of it's original Musketry Gallery, St. Mary's is still in near original condition.

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