Soviet Object 279

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

The strange designation by The Soviet Army of their experimental Tank (Armor) – “Object 279” was reflective of a unique design for a Heavy Tank in 1959. Only (3) such were constructed. Like traditional Armor Vehicles, Object 279 featured dual rotating tracks. It’s innovation was an additional two tracks (totaling 4), which were placed under the chassis (Centered).
In addition, unlike the sometimes “boxy” Tank appearance, Object 279 was designed with a sleek and tapering body. The majority of Crew “room” was beneath – between the Tread Housing. This also greatly increased Crew survival when under direct fire from Enemy Armor. The unique design also (through testing), showed that Object 279 could withstand a Nuclear blast and shockwave. It’s tapered shape made it capable of traversing terrain that a traditional Tank would have difficulty with. Object 279 weighed 60-tons. It could support a Crew of (4) protected by 3 to 5-inches of Armor Plate. It’s primary weapon was a 130mm-Main Gun , capable of 24 sustained Rounds of various types. It also was equipped with several 114mm Machine Guns. Diesel powered, Object 279 could achieve close to 45-mph on open terrain. Cost and the need for money being spent on Mobile Rocket Mounted Armor, spelled an end to the further production of Object 279, along with a proper designation. Only (1) example still survives.