Soviet ''Dead Hand'' Device

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

The Soviet Union's ''Dead Hand'' Device was not so much a ''Device'' as a Protocol, devised during the height of The ''Cold War'' between that Country and NATO. It is still claimed to be in ''operation'' even today by Russia. The Protocol is activated by human input into a Computer Command and Control Systems (centrally located in The City of Moscow, by rumor).


Should ''provocations'' by an Enemy reach a perceived level of attack, The input Command Code would trigger an automated response with The Russian Nuclear Deterrent System. This System would begin preparations and follow through launching of Russian Strategic Bombers (Aircraft), Land Based Nuclear Assets (ICBM) and other related retaliatory devices. It is speculated that once the stated ''Command Code'' is entered, The System will maintain it;s launch sequences until ALL Assets are deployed. In this, The ''Dead Man Device'' would be comparable with the theory of ''Mutual Assured Destruction'', which has been discussed.