Spartan Mora

  • Ancient Greece
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

Linked to Ancient Sparta (Lacedaemon, 6th Century BC), The ''Mora'' was a portion of a Spartan Army (roughly a tenth, or 600 Soldiers). Most Mora were Veteran Soldiers, but in emergencies – younger and less experienced Men would be pressed (eg: The Persian Wars). The Mora were best described as somewhat Light Infantry Ranks, or similar to other Greek Hoplite Units.


Armed with Spear, Sword and Shield – The Mora could served on Flanks to protect the Main Army, thus freeing more experienced Soldiers to fight in The Front or Primary Line. When the Phalanx Tactic was deployed, often The Mora was the counter. The use of early Cavalry spelled the death knell of Mora usage – whereas Sparta never adopted Cavalry or related counter-tactics.