Spanish Warship ''Santisima Triniada''

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By Crusader1307

Built in Cuba for Imperial Spain in 1769, The “Santisima Triniada” was considered a “Supership” and at one time was the largest of such afloat. She had 4-Decks, and displaced 3,000 tons. She had a 70 foot beam, and could easily carry 1,200 Officers and Crew. “Santisimia Triniada” was also said to carry over 144-guns of various Poundage. She is the only 4-Decker Warship ever built (although Britain had plans to build one, they never did). The “Santisima Triniada” participated in The Battle of Trafalgar, and served in the Spanish Navy for almost 35 years, before she was lost in a hurricane.