Spanish Verdeja Tank

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By Crusader1307

Designed and fielded in 1938 by The Fascist Spanish Government, as a replacement to Germany's Panzer Armor Tanks. The "Verdeja" was a Medium Battle Tank, crewed by 3. 6-tons in weight and roughly 14-feet long, it had .03 to 1-inch of plating. Capable of speeds are of 14-mph, The "Verdeja" had a Ford V8 engine that generated 85HP. Armed with a 47mm Main Gun, it was supported with twin 7.90mm Dreyse Machine Guns. The "Verdeja" was not actively used in combat during World War II, being used by Spanish Self-Defense Forces, and to maintain Fascist Spain's control over it's Country. The Class was replaced in 1954 by Soviet Russian made Armor.