Spanish Sloop ''Jorge Juan''

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By Crusader1307

The namesake of The "Jorge Juan"-Class of Warship, she was a Sloop-of-War in The Spanish Navy. Built in La Seyne, France in 1876, "Jorge Juan" was retrofitted many times during her career. This Class of Spanish Warship was never armor plated. Thus created a huge disadvantage with regards to her being to withstand combat with other Nations who had made the change (fully or in part). She was modified with steam propulsion, but still maintained a Barque sail rigging. 


"Jorge Juan" was 930-tons displaced and 210-feet long. She stood 30-tall (Beam) and crewed 150-men. Her armament included  (2) 6.2-inch Guns, (2) 75mm Guns and later, (2) Dreyse Machine Guns. Her claim to History was on her "death". She was one of the first of The Spanish Fleet to engage the superior American Navy at The Battle of Manila Bay in 1898. Surrounded by 4 US Warships, she was pounded non stop for 2-hours, refusing to surrender. She was sunk as a result of her defiance.