Spanish Ship-of-The-Line ''Santa Ana''

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By Crusader1307

Built by Spain in 1784, The “Santa Ana” (St. Ann), was a 112-Gun, 3-Decked “Ship-of-The Line”. Over 2,100 tons (displaced), “Santa Ana” was 215 feet long (with a 60-foot Beam). She could crew over 1,000 Officers and Men. Tried in combat at The Battle of Trafalgar (against The British), “Santa Ana” was captured. However, a “Relief Fleet” arrived within days, and she was “taken back”. Due to repairs, she could not participate in upcoming The Peninsular Campaign, and was later deployed into The Caribbean (Cuba) – around 1810. Questions arise about her demise. Said to have been sunk (along with another Royal Warship), in Cuba by The French – many feel that “Santa Ana” was scuttled to avoid capture. Most of her guns were salvaged.