Spanish Roderlero

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

A classification of Ancient Spanish Fighters, The Rodeleros were “Shield Bearers” with their close companions The Espadachines “Men of The Buckler and Sword” – formed an early 16th Century attempt at re-creating The Legions made popular in Ancient Rome. Their structure and tactics were based in large part on those of Ancient Roman Armies. Italy also attempted to recreate a Military re-trained in The Roman Legion fighting method and discipline around the same time. Heavily Armored, they used the principles of the then “new” Pike and Shot Formations and weapons in deployment. Various Formations were crafted and sent with many of The Conquistadore Soldiers sent to explore and exploit South and Central America. Some may have even been deployed to The New World Colonies of Mississippi and Florida.

Heavy Curiass Plates (to protect Chest and Back), were the basic norm for body protection. A many different Period Helmets were chosen (from Morions, Creverelles, etc). Mail was not used, but the often heavier Doublets and undergarments to provide some “slashing” protection. The “Shield Bearing” Rodeleros mostly carried Pike Shield and were protected by The “Buckler Men” of The Espadachines. The Thirty Year War (1618-1648) saw an effective end to The Rodeleros and Espadachines, with more refined use of Firearms and Gunpowder.