Spanish Order of Isabella The Catholic

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By Crusader1307

Traditionally created by Spanish King Ferdinand VII for his wife Isabella of Castile, The Order dates from 1815. Nobility and association with The Catholic Church were tantamount to the Award of such. Although issued to close Nobility to The Spanish Throne, Foreign Dignitaries were also awarded The Order (by means of “political alliance”). The Ribbon of The Order is the traditional Yellow and White of The Catholic Church. The Center of The Badge bears Isabella's Heraldry. A large Golden Sunburst is surmounted behind, with 8 Swords of State aimed inward (and surrounding). The Order uses the traditional Ranking system of Knight Commander, Knight and Officer – but is distinguished by Classes of Order. 6th Class is considered the lowest. It is still issued on a secular level and is more associated with Spanish National service to The Catholic Church (and vise versa).