Spanish Model 1752 .69 Caliber Musket

  • The American Revolution
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

The primary weapon of the Spanish Army from 1752 until it was replaced in the 19th Century, The Model 1752 was a highly reliable infantry weapon. Of the Flintlock-classification of weapons (with percussion cap versions modified later), the Model 1752 weighed 9.5-pounds and was roughly 55-inches long. It came in .69 caliber. They had a variable effective range of 50 to 125 yards. Some 10,000 to an estimated 25,000 were purchased by Colonial Rebels in America,  for use against The British during The American Revolution.. Known for the use of 3 steel rifle bands (to hold the barrel and the stock in place and providing increased stability), the Model 1752 was a rugged and well made weapon.