Spanish ''Mixed'' Brigade

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By Crusader1307

A component of The Spanish Republican Army after The Coup of 1936 (which led to The Spanish Civil War), a ''Mixed Brigade'' was a self-contained ''mini'' Army designed to be self-contained and self sustainable (more or less). The Unit (which was called a Brigade) – consisted of (4) Infantry Battalions which made up a further breakdown of (5) Companies of Riflemen each. A Sapper Corps. was also assigned as was a Medical Detachment and a Supply Arm. On occasion, a Cavalry (Mounted or Armor) Detachment was also added. In this ''New Model'' Spanish Army – a Division was composed of three such ''Mixed Brigades''. The basic Model used was on the older Spanish Army Militia System (which support The Royal Army). They would enforce Dictator Francisco Franco's ''edicts'' without question. However, after The Civil War (1939) – Franco disbanded The Mixed Brigades in favor of a standing Fascist Army.