Spanish M1893 Mauser 7mm Rifle

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By Crusader1307

Although The Mauser Rifle was used in various modifications and styles throughout Europe in the 19th Century, the Spanish Mauser Model 1893, the the primary weapon of The Spanish Army – especially in The Spanish-American War (1896-1898). Using a 7mm Cartridge, this type of ammunition was somewhat superior to the US Krag Rifle and it's standardized .30-30 bullet. Deadly at 300 yards, the Spanish Mauser inflicted some 1,400 US casualties at The Battle of San Juan Hill (1898). A Bolt-Action weapon, it featured a range tangent mounted to the weapon's rear barrel. The weapon so impressed US Forces, that it would lead to the eventual development of the US Springfield Model 1903 Rifle (which incorporated many of The Mauser's features).