Spanish Galleon ''Nuestra Senora de Atocha''

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By Crusader1307

The Spanish vessel “Atocha” was a Galleon-class vessel, noted as one of the most famous treasure ships that sunk off the Coast of Florida (US), during the Hurricane of 1622. Part of a 28-ship Spanish convoy, “Atocha” was loaded with millions of USD in gold and slaves. “Atocha” featured 6 Masts and displaced over 500 tons. She crewed 110 men and also carried 24-heavy poundage cannon (for defense). Delayed by several week, “Atocha” (if she had left on time) – would have missed the storm. With winds estimated at 135-miles per hour, “Atocha” was smashed into a series of coral reefs. All but 3 sailors and 2 slaves were saved. Sinking in 55 feet of water, it was difficult for salvage teams (at that time) to recover her now sunken treasure. An attempt was made in October of 1622, but another storm made recovery impossible. Over the next several years, The Spanish Government tried to bring up as much as possible (but this was little). In the 1980s, modern salvage teams located “Atocha”, setting off a fierce 500 year old debate on salvage rights.