Soviet ''Zulu''-Class Submarine

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By Crusader1307

The Soviet (Russian) ''Zulu''-Class Submarine was among the first type of Warship to be deployed for future ''strategic'' defense. Originally, first protoypes were less ''Submarine'' and more of a surface ''Picket Ship''. While they did deploy torpedoes, The ''Zulu''-Class relied on several forms of Anti-Aircraft Guns (25mm and 57mm). The ''Zulu''-Class Submarine was first produced in 1952. It was later in 1956, that The Class would be outfitted as an ''Attack Ship'' and later SCUD Missile platform. (26) ''Zulu'' Subs were deployed with several Soviet Naval Fleets. The ''Zulu''-Class would remain in Soviet service until 1980 (mostly as Training Ships). The Class was crewed by (70). Propulsion was derived from (3) Diesel Engines and (2) Electric Turbines (which produced 6,000-HP). Speed was rated to 17-mph -Surface and 23-mph submerged. The Class was rated to 650-feet. They displaced 1,875-tons and measured 295-feet in length. As stated, the later ''Zulu''-Class supported (10) 21-inch Torpedo Tubes and (6) SCUD Missiles.