Soviet Yakovlev Yak-9 Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

Perhaps The Soviet Unions most produced World war II Fighter Plane, The Yakovlev Yak-9 Fighter was an all-purpose aerial platform Fighter, produced between 1942 and 1951. Over 16,000 Production Models were deployed over it's Service life. The Yak-9 was seen as an excellent counter to Germany's Me-109 Fighter Plane. Over 22 Variants were developed. Crewed by a single Pilot, The Yak-9 was 30-feet long with a wingspan of 32-feet. Power was provided by a single Kilmov V-12, Liquid cooled Engine, which could produce 1,180-HP. Rated airspeed was 370-mph with an operational ceiling of 36,000-feet. Armament included (1) 20mm Cannon and (1) 12.7mm Machine Gun. Other later variants were designed to deploy a variety of small scale ground support munitions.