Soviet Yak-141 ''Freestyle'' VTOL Naval Fighter

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By Crusader1307

The Soviet Yak-141 ''Freestyle'' Naval Fighter, was a Cold War Era aircraft used by the Former Soviet (Russian) Navy. Designed for Carrier usage, The Yak-141 was a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off, Lift) aircraft. First deployed in 1987, The Yak-141 was envisioned as a primary Fighter for it's Carrier Force, but overall cost and development time stalled The Program. As such, only (4) were deployed with The Soviet Navy. The development of The Yak-141 ended in 1991. Flown by a single Pilot, The Yak-141 was 60-feet long with a fixed wingspan of 33-feet. Primary power was provided by (1) Soyuz Turbofan Engine which produced 24,000-IBF of Thrust, supported by (2) RD-41 Turbojets (Vertical Lift and variable), which produced 9,400-IBF of Thrust. Rated airspeed was 1,100-mph. Operational ceiling for The Yak-141 was 50,000 feet, with a range of 1,900 miles. Non-nuclear, The Yak-141 supported armaments of (1) 30mm Cannon with the capabilities to support 5,700-lbs of Ordnance as well as a wide variety of Missile and Rocket Packages.