Soviet ''Triton 1'' SDV

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By Crusader1307

Developed by The Soviet Union in the early 1960s, The Triton-1 was a ''Swimmer Delivery Vehicle'' SDV. The use of such ''SDV”” was experimented with by The US and Great Britain during World War II – with varying levels of success. The Soviet Union first tested The Triton-1 in 1961. Developed for Soviet Special Forces (SPETNATZ), The Triton-1 weighed roughly 1,650-pounds and were steel-alloy in overall construction. They were 15 to 25-feet in length with a 4-foot diameter. An encased electric 2-HP Engine, allowed for a submerged speed of 35-mph. Rated depth was around 45-feet. Designed to support (2) Commando Divers, The Triton-1 was delivered via a variety of Surface Ships, however, a version was developed to be ''launched'' via Submarine, from it's Torpedo Tube.The exact number of Trintons built is unclear, but all were discontinued in the 1970s, for other Covert technologies. A number of ''static'' (Museum) Tritons have survived today.