Soviet T-62 Light Tank

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

Deployed in 1931, The T-62 Light Tank was used by The Soviet Army during World War II. Over 10,000 Models were produced up to 1945. The T-62 was also used by various Soviet Allies, with even Nazi Germany using captured Models in their Russian Campaign against The Soviets. The Tank was a remarkably reliable and ''hearty'' Light Armored Vehicle. Crewed by (3), The T-62 was 10-tons and measured 15 feet in length with a width of 8-feet. Overall height was 7-feet. Armor plating was rated at 2-inches. The T-63 used a 4-cylinder Gasoline Engine (90-HP). They could achieve an open land speed of between 9 and 14-mph. Primary weaponry was the 45mm Main Gun, with a 2.7-mile effective range. A single 7.62mm Machine Gun was used as secondary support. There were many variant of The T-62 Light Tank devised and deployed.