Soviet SU152 155mm SP Gun

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By Crusader1307

The Soviet Samokhodnaya Ustanovka 152 Gun was devised to counter Germany's Heavy Tanks, during The Nazi Invasion of Russia. First fielded in 1942, The SU-152 was a 155mm Main Gun mounted on a KV-IN Heavy Tank chassis  (tracked). Heavy armor plated with 2.95 inches throughout, The SU-152 had a maximum effective range of 10-miles, with a cyclic rate of 3-4 rounds per minute. It's secondary anti-personnel defense was the 12.75mm Machine Gun. At 45-tons and 30 feet in length, The SU-152 had a 12-cylinder, 600 HP engine, capable of 200 miles. An effective Anti-Tank weapon, it would serve as a prototype for future Soviet battlefield self-propelled guns. Production of this Model continued until 1945.