Soviet SKS-45 7.62mm Carbine

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By Crusader1307

The Soviet SKS-45 Carbine was a semi-automatic Firearm, first produced in 1945. It was widely adopted for use by The Soviet Army with over 15 Million produced. Weighing 9-pounds and was 40-inches long. Chambered for the 7.62mm round, it was a gas-operated, piston tilting bolt movement. It was considered a “self-loading” weapon, with an attached ammunition Clip. It was capable of 30 to 40 Rounds per minute. It could be “Quick Loaded” via a top loading “Stripper” tab capable of 10-rounds. The SKS-45 had a maximum range 400-yards.  Popular, The SKS-45 did not last long, being replaced by The AK-47. As a result, many thousands were exported to Communist Bloc Countries in the 1950s. Additionally, China copied them and likewise exported them. During The Vietnam War, The Soviet SKS-45 was widely used by VC and NVA Forces. Some of these Models included a retractable 8-inch Bayonet.