Soviet SA-75 SA Missile

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By Crusader1307

A Cold War Era, Soviet Union (Russia) weapon, The SA-75 ''Dvina'' was the most widely deployed Surface to Air Defense Missile by that former Nation. Over 4,600 SA-75s were believed to have been produced and fielded since they were first developed in 1957. The Missile is still in active usage. The weapon was copied by The North Vietnamese Military and used with great success to defend their Capital City of Hanoi – during The Vietnam War (1965-1975). Ground launched via mobile carrier (Rail System), The SA-75 is 20-feet long and weighs roughly 5,000-lbs. The multi-staged Missile combines solid and liquid fuel abilities and has an effective range of 28-miles. The SA-75 can achieve an altitude of 82,000-feet (making it ideal to attack Enemy Bombing Groups). The Missile's warhead, normally a HE Type, weighs 450-lbs. They are radio controlled and guided from Ground Monitoring points.