Soviet PPSH-41 Sub-Machine Gun

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By Crusader1307

One of the first Russian produced machine guns for standard Infantry use, The PPSH-41 was similar to Britain's Lancaster Gun. Developed and produced in 1941, it weighed 8-pounds and was 33-inches long. Blowback operated, it had a 150 meter effective range (and a maximum of 200 meters). The PPSH-41 was considered an expensive weapon to produce. Much as with The Lancaster, parts for The PPSH had to be hand milled. Nonetheless, 8 million models were produced for The Russian War effort. The PPSH also used a rather large round, namely the 7.62mm. Used in drum-fed magazines of 35 rounds, the weapon caught the eye of Germany, who took the design from captured weapons. Their similar design, by Mauser, was used by various German Commando Units. The PPSH did experience issues with dirt and debris causing jamming and misfires. Still, the weapon was hearty enough to remain on Russian Arms inventory well into the 1970s. The PPSH was a popular "import" among Communist insurgents in Southeast Asia and other Countries. The PPSH Model was seconded only by the well known AK-47 Assault Rifle in terms of popularity.