Soviet PM 1910 7.62mm Heavy Machine Gun

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By Crusader1307

The incredibly ''long'' lasting service of The Soviet Pulemyot Maxima 1910 Heavy Machine Gun (or simply PM 1910), is still evidenced today. Several Models have still survived today, and can even be found in use by The Ukrainian Armed Forces during the on-going Russian Invasion of that Nation (beginning in 2022). The Heavy Machine Gun was first deployed by Imperial Russian Forces in 1910 and throughout World War I. It would become a fixture on ''both sides'' of The Russian Civil War (1917-1923). Later, the ''old Gun'' was used in World World II and still later, by North Vietnamese Forces during The War in Southeast Asia (against both French and later American Forces). The PM 1910 Production stopped in 1945 with close to 200,000 deployed. Crew or Single Operator, The PM 1910 weighed 140-lbs. - and was transported to deployment via small wheeled vehicles (or horses, early on). The barrel length was 30-inches. Using 7.62mm Rounds, The PM had a cyclic rate of fire of (600) rpm. Belt fed, The Machine Gun had a maximum effective range of over 2,000-yards.