Soviet Petlyakov Pe-2 Dive Bomber

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By Crusader1307

The Soviet produced Petlyakov Pe-2 was a World War II Dive Bomber, which saw extensive usage during The War. The Pe-2 was an effective Ground Support Fighter, of which over 11,000 Models were made. So effective in fact several Soviet Warsaw Pact Allies would still have several versions in their inventories into the mid-1960s (Cold War). There were well over 12 Variations (although overall Wartime Production stopped in 1944). Crewed by (3), The Pe-2 was 42-feet in length with a wingspan of 57-feet. Power was provided by Twin Klimov V-12s capable of producing over 1,200-HP each. Rated Air Speed was 360-mph. The operational ceiling of The Pe-2 was 28,000-feet. Armament varied depending on configuration, but standard were (2) 7.62mm Machine Guns (Wings) and (2) Rear Mounted 7.62mm Guns. (3) additional fuselage and ''Belly Turret'' Machine Guns were included. The Pe-2 could also support a Grenade Launched (parachute) System as well as over 2,000-lbs. of Ordnance.