Soviet MIG-31 ''Foxhound'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

A late Cold War Era Soviet Fighter Jet, The MIG-31 (NATO nicknamed ''Foxhound''), was a supersonic – fixed, swept wing Air Fighter. Introduced into The Soviet Union's Military inventory in 1988, it was the replacement for The MIG-25 ''Foxbat'' Fighter. Seen as a Ground Based, Interceptor Fighter for deployment over Russia, The MIG-31 operated advanced Soviet Radar and Avionics packages. The Fighter, still deployed today, is also exported to other Countries (Syria and Iran being two Users). Crewed by (2), The MIG-31 is 75-feet long with a fixed, swept wingspan of 44-feet. Powered by (2) Soloviev afterburning Turbofan Engines, they produce 21,000-IBF Thrust. The ''Fozhound'' can achieve Mach 2.83 (1,900-mph). The operational ceiling for The MIG-31 is rated at 82,000-feet. Mission ranges are roughly 1,900-miles. Armament varied by Country, but The Soviet versions carried (1) 23mm Rotary Gun. They can support a wide variety of Air to Air Rockets and Missiles (inclusive of Ballistic Attack Models). The ''Foxhound'' can also support Tactical Nuclear armaments.