Soviet MIG-29 ''Fulcrum'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

The Soviet MIG-29 ''Fulcrum'' Fighter Jet was a 4th Generation Fighter designed by The Soviet Union (Russia) as an effective counter to The US F-15 ''Eagle'' and F-16 ''Fighting Falcon'' Fighter Jet Series. First flown in 1977, The MIG-29 would be deployed in 1982. Still in Production, over 1,600 MIG-29s have been in service with various Countries. An effective and robust Fighter, a typical (well maintained) MIG-29 can survive up to 4,000 flight hours. They are excellent at fighter maneuvering and an worthy adversary to the US Fighters of the late Cold War Era. There are (22) known variants. Crewed by (1), The MIG-29 is 57-feet in length with a fixed, swept wing configuration width of 37-feet. Powered by Twin Kilmov RD33 Turbine Engines (afterburning), The MIG-29 could produce over 18,000-IBF Thrust and achieve Mach 2.5 (in excess of 1,400-mph). It's Mission range is 1,400-miles with an operation ceiling of 60,000-feet. Armament greatly varies on Mission needs. A MIG-29 is armed with (1) 30mm Auto-Cannon, but carried a combination of Air to air and air to surface munitions to include – (8) AA Missiles as well as various special Ordnance Bombs. They are not rated for Nuclear weapons deployment.