Soviet MIG-9 ''Fargo'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

The Soviet MIG-9 ‘’Fargo’’ Fighter Jet was the first true ‘’Jet’’ Fighter mass produced by The Soviet Union. Although only 500 Prototypes were produced, The MIG-9 was an effective early Cold War Fighter. Much of it’s designs were based on captured Nazi German blueprints for Future Fighter Jet Models.  Communist China brought several hundred MIG-9s with several dozen being purchased by The North Koreans in the 1950s. Crewed by (1), The MIG-9 was 33-feet long with a fixed wingspan of 34-fixed span. Powered by Twin RD-20 Axial Flow  Turbojet Engines, which produced 1,500-IBF of thrust. Speed was rated to 550-mph and it’s Operational ceiling was to 44,000-feet. Traditional armaments were Twin 37mm Cannon and (1) 23mm Wing Mounted Cannon.  No Munitions were configured.