Soviet KPV 14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun

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By Crusader1307

The KPV Heavy Machine Gun is a Soviet (now Russian) produced weapon, fielded in 1949, In it's original configuration, The KPV was strictly a Squad Machine Gun (Crew Served). It was determined to be too heavy for this function (110-pounds), and reconfigured as a wheeled support vehicle, which could be used as an Anti-Aircraft weapon. In this form, it was a Quad (or 4-barreled) Gun (although single barreled version did exist). Having the ability to fire horizontally 3,000-rounds and vertically 2,000 – The KPV fired the 14.5mm round. The cyclic rate of fire was 600-rounds of either belt or canister ammunition. The AA Model was 108-pounds. Used in The Korean and Vietnam War, The KPV was a Cold War staple (and still is). Reliable and easy to maintain, it is an excellent member of the Quad Gun Family of weapons.