Soviet Archangelsky Ar-2 Dive Bomber

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By Crusader1307

The Archangelsky Ar-2 was a World War II Dive Bomber of The Soviet Union. Only 190 Production Models were deployed between 1940 and 1945. Over half of this number were eventually captured or destroyed by The Germans. Crewed by (3), The Ar-2 was 40-feet long with a wingspan of 60-feet. Power came from Twin Kilmov Piston Engines, each producing 1,100-HP. Airspeed was rated to 320-mph. With an operational ceiling of 35,000-feet. As a Dive Bomber/Ground Support Fighter, The Ar-2 was very effective. Had it not been for material replacements being hard to get, The Ar-2 would have been a dominant Fighter of it's type. The Fighter could support almost 3,000-lbs of ordnance and had defensive armament to include (4) 7.92mm Wing Machine Guns.