Soviet ''Admiral Kuznetsov'' Aircraft Carrier

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By Crusader1307

The former Soviet Union Naval Flagship, The ''Admiral Kuznetsov'' is the namesake of Her Class of what was supposed to be (2) Aircraft Carriers. The ''Admiral Kuznetsov'' was the only completed and fully operational of Her Class. Her Sister Ship (''Varyag'') would be completed only as a Hull and was sold to The People's Republic of China in 1991. The ''Admiral Kuznetsov'' was assigned to The Soviet Northern Fleet on Her first deployment. Having traveled throughout The World operationally. After the Fall of Soviet Communism, The ''Admiral Kuznetsov'' fell under control of The Russian Federation (of which She is currently operated by). Her last posting was in support of The Syrian Government during their Civil War (2016). The ''Admiral Kuznetsov'' (and Her proposed) was first deployed late in The Cold War 1985, to counter The US Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups, holding Naval Superiority throughout The World. She displaces 42,000-tons. The ''Admiral Kuznetsov'' is over 1,000-feet in length and had a Beam of 235-feet. Propulsion is provided by conventional (4) Steam Turbines to support (8) Turbo Pressurized Boilers. A ''4-Shafter'', The Diesel Fueled Warship can produce 50,000-HP. The ''Admiral Kuznetsov'' can achieve 33-mph at full speed. Capable of Crewing over 1,600 Officers and Men, ''Admiral Kuznetsov'' can support over 3,000 if needed. She has an operational range of over 8,000-miles and can remain at Sea for 45-days at a Patrol Period. She has been refitted several times in Her career. Armament included are (14) 30mm AA Guns with deployment packages for (100) different Ship to Ship and Ship to Air Rockets and Missiles. As an Aircraft Carrier, The ''Admiral Kuznetsov'' supports Fighter and Fighter Support Squadrons including (18) Su-33, (6) MIG-29, (4) Ka-31 and (2) Ka-27.