Soviet ABM-1 ''Galosh''

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By Crusader1307

The Soviet ABM-1 ''Galosh'' (NATO designated) or A-350 GRAU, was a Cold War Era Nuclear Ballistic Missile. Ground (Mobile Vehicle) Launched, it was designed to engage US ''Minutemen'' Ballistic Missiles which would ''attack'' The Soviet Union upon the ''start'' of World War III. The primary ''Defensive Perimeter'' of The City of Moscow was ringed with this Class of Anti-Ballistic Missile. The ''Galosh'' is best compared to it's US counterpart – The ''Nike'' ABM. Development began with operational prototypes in 1972, with the final Production Model going into service in 1978. ''Galosh'' was capable of deploying (4) 3-MT Missiles. Utilizing both a solid and liquid propulsion system, The ''Galosh'' System could achieve a Missile intercept speed of 800-mph. And while (by and large) replaced by more modernized and faster ABM Systems, it is speculated that some ''Galosh'' may still be in-service.