South Vietnamese Campaign Medal

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By Crusader1307

Simply known as The Vietnam Campaign Medal, was a Military Service Award created by The South Vietnamese Government – and awarded to it's Services, during The Vietnam War. That Country began issuance in 1960 with the Medal also awarded to Members of Her Allies – until the fall of that Government in 1975.


The Medal (which for Allied Servicemen includes a Silver Ribbon Clasp with the year ''1960-'' engraved on the face), had earlier Clap Awards dating back to ''1949'' (for South Vietnamese Personnel). The Device is a series of Twin Stars with radiating Golden Rays (extensions). With a White enamel on the outermost Star. A Green enamel Center featured The Nation of South Vietnam in Gold.


The Rear was normally reserved by the name of The Personnel awarded, along with year(s) of service in-Country. It was awarded after a completion of deployment in said Country (normally 1 year for Allied Personnel). The Ribbon featured (3) White Stripes over a Green Field. Allied Personnel traditionally placed a Service Clasp on the ribbon front as well (bearing the year of service).