South Carolina Colonial Naval Ensign

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By Crusader1307

As previously seen, The American Colonies did not have a Naval Force initially - to resist The British during during the beginning of the American Revolution. Many Colonies used their Commerce Ships as Warships or Privateers. As early as 1776, South Carolina set sail it's "Navy". As a Naval Ensign, they adopted the then popular symbol of American Patriotism, "The Gadsden Flag" (also called "The Rattlesnake Flag").  Their version was quite different. It still featured the "13-Stripe" Pattern, which filled the entirely of the Field. These were colored as 7 Red Stripes and 6 Blue ones. Off-set in the Center, was an extended (stretched) Rattlesnake. Above this was the well known phrase "DON'T TREAD ON ME". Son effective at their attacks on British Supply and Warships, South Carolina became a major invasion target for The British. Occupation by their Forces began in 1778, and they would remain their until after the end of The War. Much of South Carolina's "Navy" would have to Port in other Colonies, with many of their Vessels being incorporated into the fledgling US Navy.