Sop (Food Custom)

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

By today's ''standards'' to ''Sop'' food means to use bread to absorb liquids (juices) or small pieces (fragments) of food – after which One would simply eat the bread. It may be seen as ''bad manners'' in some Regions, but the process actually originated in The Middle Ages. In a time when eating utensils were both new (Tining Fork) or unheard of, the use of bread substituted fine for most at Dinner Time.


While Nobility would possibly not ''sop'' around visiting Guests, they no doubt did so in private dining. Using chunks of fresh bread to ''swirl up'' meat gravies and related food stuffs would have been common. The practice would have been more ''socially accepted'' among The Common People of most Regions.