SMS ''Weissenburg''

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By Crusader1307

One of Imperial Germany's first ''Ocean Going'' Warships – The SMS ''Weissenburg'' was launched in 1891 and joined The Imperial Navy in 1894. She was considered one of Germany's most ''advanced'' Warships of The Era. Rated a ''Brandenburg'' – Class Battleship, ''Weissenburg'' was fitted with Twin Expansion Steam Engines and could achieve 19-mph. in open waters. Her armor plating ranged from 2 to 15-inches throughout Her superstructure. Armament included (4) 11-inch Main Guns, (2) 10-inch Guns, (8) 4-inch Guns, (8) 3-inch Guns and (3) 18-inch Torpedoes. ''Weissenburg'' crewed 568 Officers and Men. Serving as Divisional Flagship, In 1900, She sailed to China to support The German Legation then under siege by Chinese Irregular Forces (The Boxer Rebellion). She would serve in a variety of Naval functions from 1901 until 1910. Expressing an interest in purchasing German Warships, Turkey purchased ''Weissenburg'' in 1910. As a Turkish Warship named ''Turgut Reis'', She would participate in several Conflicts involving Turkey and various African Territories under Italian Control. She was claimed to have engaged various Ships of The Italian Navy at this time – suffering no damage. She would remain in Turkish Service up to and including World War I. ''Turgut Reis'' claimed several British Royal Navy Warships (sunk). Surviving The War, she would serve as a Training Ship (1924-1925). She would be broken up and scrapped in 1956.