SMS ''Koning''

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By Crusader1307

The first of 4 Imperial German built "Konig"-Class Dreadnought Battleships, she was named for King William II of Wurttemberg. Construction of the namesake vessel began in 1911 and completed in 1913. "Konig" displaced 25,000-tons and was 175-feet long. She stood almost 30-feet tall. Capable of almost 43-mph. She was propelled by 3-shaft turbines feed by 15-boilers. "Konig" crewed over 1,100 Officers and men. Her armament included (10) 12-inch Main Guns, (14) 5.9-inch Guns, (10) 3.5-inch Guns and (5) 19-inch Torpedoes. SMS "Koning" was assigned to The 3rd Battle Squadron at the start of World War I. She was instrumental at The Battle of Jutland  (1916). She spent the remainder of her service as a "Picket Ship" against Allied Coastal Naval attacks against The German Mainland.  "Koning" also participated in a raid against England in 1916. She took heavy damage in the engagement from British aircraft. She was however, one of the few German vessels to actually shell Britain in The War. SMS "Konig" would be placed on reserve status after The War, until she was scrapped in 1922, a once proud member of The Dreadnought Family of Warships.