SMS ''Bodrog''

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By Crusader1307

The SMS ''Bodrog'' was a ''Monitor''-Class Warship of The Austro-Hungarian Navy. Launched in 1904, ''Bodrog'' is credited with having fired the ''first shots'' of World War I in 1914. A ''Defensive Battery'' Vessel, ''Bodrog'' anchored off The Coast of Serbia and bombarded Enemy Batteries off of Belgrade. Part of The ''Danube'' Flotilla, She was grounded in 1918. Repaired and re-floated by The Yugoslavian Navy in 1920 and renamed ''Sava'', She laid Mines against German advances in The Danube River in 1941 and survived numerous Luftwaffe air attacks. Again scuttled in 1943, Croatia too would raise Her for a short period until She came back under Yugoslavic control (now Socialist) in 1944. ''Sava'' would be sunk a final time. The ''up and down'' History of ''Sava/Bodrog'' found Her raised by a private Historical Agency, who repaired Her as a Floating Museum in 2019. ''Bodrog/Sava'' displaced 440-tons. She is 190-feet long with a 32-foot Beam. She used Twin Expanding Steam Engineand Twim Tube Boilers to achieve 15-mph cruising speed. Crewed by (86) Officers and Men, She supported 1.6-inches of armor plating. Her Armament included (2) 120mm Guns, (1) 10-lb. Howitzer and (3) 37mm Guns.