Chinese Shang Shield

  • Medieval Asia
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Seen used in the 12th Century Shang Dynasty, The Shang Shield was a 3.5 foot in diameter, 1.5 foot “deep”, protective device. Constructed of wood, with a thin bronze or iron plating over that – it finally featured a wicker top covering. It also featured a recessed arm handle, This provided excellent protection against firearms, Crossbow bolts and sword strikes. It is speculated that the “depth” of the shield provided one the ability to “curl” up inside (head, upper body and arms) – while standing or kneeling. The Shang Shield could also be worn over the back as a form of protection. It was also excellent for an expedient shelter if needed. It weight created prohibitions in use however. It was used by both infantry and cavalry troops.