Secretum Sigillum

  • Medieval Era
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

Much like “The Great Seal”, The Secretum (also known as “The Secret Seal”), was developed for use by a Royal Privy Council (or Royal Advisers). Seen in the 14th Century, it was considered a “go between” Seal that gave a Royal Council limited power with regards to what could be “sealed” or not. Other than Treaties and Marriage Certifications – the use of The Secret Seal carried many of the “privileges”of The Great Seal. It could be use to issue Summons, Warrants and Death Sentences. It could obviously be misused (as in the story of Mary, Queen of Scots). In theory, The Secret Seal was designed to take some “burdens” in the “decision making” of a King or Queen.